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400,000 تومان
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شرکت دیجیکا پارت واردات قطعات الکترونیک www.digikapart.ir  703-IR20 
قیمت به صورت تکی , قیمت به صورت کلی قیمت کلی کالا
The SerialCoder™ IR UR5HC703-IR20 is an extremely low-power, “off-the-shelf” infrared serial keyboardencoder. Robust, tiny and flexible,the IC is a good match for any application where a low-cost wireless keyboard is attractive and an IrDA host is available.
The IC provides extremely low power operation, transparent to the host. Power consumption is reduced to just the circuit’s leakage when all keys are released. The typical current consumption is less than 1μA at room temperature and 10μA at 85°C.
If a key or group of keys stays in the depressed position for ten minutes (with no other keyboard activity), the IC shuts down to save power.
The SerialCoder™ IR is simple to implement. It requires few external components and utilizes a tiny, low-profile 32-pin LQFP package that measures 7mm x 7mm
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