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58,700 تومان
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The LM4040 is a family of bandgap circuits designed to
achieve precision micro-power
voltage references of 2.5V,
3.0V and 5.0V. The devices are
available in 0.2% B-grade,
0.5% C-grade and 1% D-grade initial tolerances.
They are available in small outline SOT23 and SC70-5
surface mount packages which are ideal for applications
where space is at a premium.
Excellent performance is maintained over the 60μA to
15mA operating current range with a typical temperature
coefficient of only 20ppm/°C. The device has been
designed to be highly tolerant of capacitive loads so
maintaining excellent stability.
This device offers a pin for pin compatible alternative to the
LM4040 voltage reference.
Voltage References uPower Shunt V-Ref w/Mult Brkdwn V
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